It is our desire at OnSite Hosts that you as a guest feel welcome with us and we guarantee a travel memory of a lifetime in the company of people who understand your wishes. We provide a personalized experience through tailor-made tours, where you as a guest chooses the framework and we fill them with surprises and exciting experiences. We guarantee Personal VIP service presented in the guest’s own language and expert information about all the services.

We provide a DMC service that does not end when the guided tours end, but which leads you as the guest through the whole experience of Denmark. We provide shuttle service or other transportation from arrival to the desired accommodation, culinary experiences from breakfast over a foodies trip to a Michelin experience matched by the visitors’ wishes and expectations.

Events, theater or concerts selected in accordance with the interests of the guests. Art and exhibitions by local and international celebrities, the Danish Design and Architecture in all its shapes and sizes. Shopping well-known clothing brands, jewelry, souvenirs or anything that falls in the visitors tastes and activities such as riding a bicycle tour around the city, Wellness, Spa or city walks, followed by a cruise on Oresund or theater tickets, all in dialogue with experts whom in the guests’ own language explains and facilitates the experience for guests. All guides by OnSite Hosts is authorized and professional.

We create opportunity for the visitors, Ad Hoc, can create your own bouquet of experiences in relation to their own interests, always in the company of a representative of OnSite Hosts who, by virtue of our major professional network can deliver precisely the experience the guests want.

Representatives from OnSiteHosts is selected from the visitors described interests, age and other relevant factors so that even before the guest’s arrival it is a guaranteed match.

Welcome to Denmark.
Dinny & Thomas
Founders of Onsite Hosts
Contact & Booking:
Tel: 0045 2210 7770

Terms & Conditions


A booking is binding upon the tour participant and OnSite Hosts IVS as soon as the participant has paid for the booking. 

Cancellations requested 72 hours or more before departure are refunded in full. Cancellations requested less than 72 before departure are not refunded. All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to

Participation in our tours take place entirely at the participants’ own risk. Participants are liable to any damage to persons and material caused by themselves.

Tour Content:
The tour descriptions are for illustrative purposes only. Every tour is personal and unique depending on the tour guide and the traffic and weather conditions on the day. OnSite Hosts IVS does not in any way guarantee that specific sights will be visited.

Personal Data:
The tour participants consent to the processing of their personal data by OnSite Hosts IVS for administrative purposes.

Any complaints regarding the services provided by OnSite Hosts IVS must be communicated in writing to

In the event of a dispute, if the tour participants and Onsite Hosts IVS fail to reach agreement during negotiation, any dispute shall be settled according to Danish law.